Liip Smart Monitor


when there is a real problem

Real-time monitoring of your baby's vital signs to know how your baby is feeling

Heart rate

Oxygen levels


How Liip helps parents

Elizabeth Randol
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“My baby at 2 months did not want to eat, he was very restless... thanks to Liip we detected two tachycardias and we were able to go to the hospital in time. I could not live without my daughter. Thank you for making our lives happier.”

Liip works alongside hospitals

Thousands of families confirm it!

Parents reduce their anxiety levels by 75%

Parents improve their quality of sleep

ER visits are reduced

Their well-being under control

Receive alerts on your smartphones or tablets when your baby needs you.

✔ Designed and manufactured in Europe.

2 year warranty.

Chosen as Best Child Safety Product 2019-2020

Voted by UK families and baby care professionals around the world.

From 0 to 7 years old


Liip alerts you if there is a problem

I am Ángeles. Mother of Nil, Iris and Estela.

"Liip came into our lives when Nil was born, with Iris we had spent a long year visiting the emergency room for colds and bronchiolitis. It was a terrifying year. Liip is absolute peace of mind and it's super easy to use and you don't have to analyse the data yourself. The Liip Care app alerts you if there is a problem. I've been using it for 3 years with my kids. I have complete confidence in Liip and for me it's an evolution in the care of our children."

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Connect with your baby with Liip Care

Tracking of the baby's vital signs to check his or her well-being.

Control the history of vital signs and monitoring data, you can know how your baby is feeling and what changes have occurred.

✔ Know your baby's status wherever you are connected to multiple smartphones thanks to the Liip Care app.

Receive specific alerts in case a problem is detected.

✔ You have protocols that tell you what to do when your baby needs you.

The best European materials for your baby's safety 

We know that your baby's safety is the most important thing, that's why Liip manufactures and develops all components in Europe in compliance with the most demanding European standards, requirements and qualities.

Ergonomic, hypoallergenic and breathable bracelets

Our bracelets are Oeko-Tex certified, which guarantees the best textile materials to care for your baby's skin.

David founder of Liip, reveals the secrets of Liip Smart Monitor

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